In a Changing World


Everything is in this world is constantly changing. As things change we are forced to change with them. We are expected to keep up with the latest trends, electronic devices, social media trends, and whatever else is changing that I’m not up to date with. It’s hard to keep up. Sometimes life gets frustrating. Lately I feel like I’m walking on shifting ground. It’s like trying to walk a straight line during an earthquake with food being thrown at you. Anybody else feel this way or just me?

Living overseas for 9 months, I was constantly experiencing change. Every single month I moved to a different place with different people. During this period of time the group of people I was traveling with was constantly changing too. The only thing I could rely on was God. Maybe that isn’t something you believe in, but this is my experience with God.

As I read the Bible more in-depth during this trip I learned more about who God is. I discovered that God created me. He made me. If you were to work really hard on something and you’re really proud of it, you’re going to want to show that off. Everyday God is showing off “new projects” as more people enter the world. He’s a father figure, but also so much more. God is…


All these characteristics and more you can find in scripture. The one characteristics that stands out to me the most is God’s ability to stay consistent. He never changes. From the beginning of the Bible to the end, he stays the same. Churches will split hairs on different interpretations of the Bible, but one thing every church and Christian can agree on is the character of God.

You know when you’re on a ride that spins super-fast and your eyes can’t keep up and you just have to close them and hold onto your seat. You trust your seat to hold you in and not let you fall. The seat is God to me. One that will 100% never fail. It’s consistent. When I was traveling, while things were constantly changing I trusted God and I knew I could trust Him because He was consistent.

As you go about your life, maybe frustrated like I was.. (and honestly still am, sometimes) I pray you focus on the truth that God never changes. Study the Bible and find out what that means for you.