Community Involvement

First & foremost, thank you for taking the time and opportunity to read a little about who we are. The Continental Roof Company was born out of the need for a home improvement company that breaks the mold of conventional contractors. A company that sees the homeowner as an individual and not a number. Everyone one of us here at Continental is an individual with unique attributes, needs and talents. The same is true for the people we serve: you.

I constantly preach of how the workplace forms the attitudes of its employees, vendors and sub-contractors. At Continental, we pride ourselves on the tight-knit group of people we call our “Work-Family”. We nurture Family values and as our industry changes, we constantly re-invent ourselves…keeping those core values deeply ingrained within our philosophy.

The Continental Roof Company may be a home improvement company in name but on the inside we are much more than that. As a member of Dragonfly Foundation’s Board of Directors, I’ve committed time, money and resources to help support a great Foundation that helps children and families of children stricken with cancer or blood borne diseases.

I’ve been blessed with a healthy 7-year- old daughter. I shudder at the thought of her being so sick. The Dragonfly Foundation does an incredible job supporting these families. Their cause has become our cause.

Did I mention Project Parasol? Project Parasol is a partnership between the Continental Roof Company, Origins Church and Butler County’s Board of Developmental Disabilities to provide home improvements for those in need. The candidates have included folks that are disabled, foster home families and single parent families in need of leak-free shelter. This program fills our hearts with love of giving.

So, now you know a little about “Who” we are…by now you should already know what we do…we are a community involved, faith based, customer service, family oriented, group of people that happen to be in the home improvement business.

Who is the Continental Roof Company? We are Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters…We are the same people that fill your communities…We are You!