Best Shingle Color for You


Choosing the right shingles for your home can be complicated and a big decision. Your roof is something people’s eyes are drawn to when they look at your home. It accounts for 40% of the physical appearance of your house, which is quite a lot. How do you give a good first impression, without standing out too much, or blending in too much? You want the colors to blend, not in a bland way, but flow together. Here are some things to think about when choosing the color of your shingles.


You want the color of your shingles to be the same or close to the same as your shutters. This will allow for your siding or brick to stand out but also flow with the rest of your house and color scheme. You can look at your neighbor’s home and see what colors they are choosing and pick a similar one. If the house is standing out for the wrong reason (example: crazy colored shingles) it will be hard to sell your home. Therefore; you should look to have a similar color shingle as your neighborhood.


Your roof color can affect your attic temperature by 20-40 degrees. This means that picking the right roof color could also be an energy savor and should be based on climate in the area you live. Dark and light colors could help you save energy or just add more work for your heater or air conditioner. Dark colors will absorb heat and melt snow and ice faster. This would be a good choice for colder weather conditions.  Choosing a light color will reflect the sunlight keeping your home cooler. This would be good in hotter climates.


First you want to narrow down dark or light-colored shingles. On top of climate, dark shingles will also make your house look smaller and show all the imperfections, while light colored shingles will make your home look bigger. It’s always safe to go with neutral colors because they will always be in style. If your houses siding is very colorful it is a good idea to have black or grey shingles. If you want to go for a trendier look, you would want black, blues, and greys to be the color scheme of your home. A more traditional look would be a black, white, and grey color scheme.

Another easy way to see if a color looks good with the color of your shutters and siding is by getting the IKO Roof Viewer app. It is a free and allows you to choose colors for siding and shutters which will allow you to see and decide what color shingles would work best for your roof.