Why Decorate for Christmas?


We told you a couple weeks ago how you should put up your Christmas lights, this week we are going to tell you why you should put up your Christmas lights. Putting up Christmas decorations in your home and outside your home have many benefits and we’re going to share those with you today.

Christmas for many people carry many fond memories. Memories as a child when things were easy. A time before adult responsibilities hit. Before the reality of the “real world” hit. A time when you are free of pressure and buying gifts. A time when all you did was receive, and give the gift your mom bought for you to give. When you are decorating you’re being reminded of those feelings. Decorating almost takes your brain on a journey back to your childhood memories. As you think about those happy thoughts your brain releases dopamine the “happy hormone”.

Do you hate shopping? Well they’ve even proven that is good for you, but not for the reason you’d think. You’d think it would be the running from one store to another and getting those steps in for your Fitbit.. but it’s actually the people watching. You feel less alone and it boosts your psychological health.

During the holidays we can get caught up with the gifts, the money, the things we think we need we forget, sometimes, about the people around us who are struggling. Your brain actually releases more “feel good” and “happy hormones” when you give then when you receive.

Neighbors are more likely to think you’re friendlier, sociable, and more inviting if you have Christmas lights on your house. As well as how you look to others you could always be helping them. The ambiance of lights can preform color therapy which increases energy levels and boosts happiness.

So the earlier you put up lights, the earlier you will feel these feelings of happiness, and happy really does mean healthier. There you go, all you early Christmas decorators, now you have scientific evidence that it is actually good for you.

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