Finding a Leak


If your roof is leaking there are a couple things you could look for or do to find the problem and fix it. Roof leaks can be dangerous if you let them go for too long. It is something that you want immediately fixed if you’re having a problem. Letting a problem like this go only causes more damage. If you have water coming into your roof or your attic, here are some things you can do and look for.

If you’re checking in your attic this is what you can look for.

  • Water reflects light, so if you shine a flashlight around your attic right after or during a rain storm you might be able to find the water faster. Many times, the leak is nowhere near the actual spot in your ceiling where the water is coming through. The leak could be up to multiple feet from where the water is coming in.
  • Follow the wet spots and find out where the leak is. There could also be mold and dark spots on the installation revealing where the water has been. You can follow the path of the water through this.
  • You can also have one person on the roof * with a garden hose and another in the attic to figure out where the water is coming in at.
  • If you still can’t find the leak you can go into your attic during the day and check for spots where the sun is coming through.

Once you find the spot where the water is coming in through the attic you have to get on the roof * to see what the hole is looking like.

Go up onto your roof * and these are a couple things you can look for.

  • Missing, buckled, cracked, or raised shingles. The shingles protect outside weather and water. If they are gone or broken, the seal that keeps the water out is broken. A good time to check for these is after heavy storms with high winds. If you find it before the water does, then no leaks.
  • Look for exposed nails on the roof or in the attic.
  • You can check the flashing for cracks. Flashing is another piece of your roof that keeps water out, and if it’s not working properly then you will have water in your house.
  • Another spot to look is around your skylights. Skylights can leak if they are installed incorrectly or are the wrong size. You could potentially fix with caulking but this is only temporary. The leak will still come back. Your installation could also be deteriorating and water is getting through.
  • If your gutters or downspouts are clogged the water will build up and try to find others ways off your roof. Sometimes the buildup on the roof can cause a leak to begin.

*Be careful when getting on your roof and take the proper safety precautions. If you’re not comfortable, call the professionals, that’s why we’re here.