Human Trafficking Awareness Day

When people think of human trafficking most assume it only happens in foreign countries, but it’s happening here in American and in many of our backyards. The statistics are alarming, and even more alarming when you think about how many cases are flying under the radar and are uncounted. To think of all the men and women who haven’t been added to these statistics, that are suffering in a illegal system that they can’t get out of.

Slavery still exist today and is on the rise, as we are becoming more and more enlightened to the the issue. It is estimated that 4.5 million men and women are stuck in some form of human trafficking. Ohio ranks forth in the country for human trafficking. Due to the 5 main highways we have running through the state it makes for an easier route for the traffickers. This type of illegal activity in Ohio ranks third behind guns and drugs. In 2017, 8,759 people called into a hotline trying to get out of the sex trade. There are so many organizations that have been around for years, or are just starting that work to keep women safe once they have gotten out of this cycle.

With statistics rising, we want you to be informed and know that this is still happening today and within your state, and city. Learn more about how you can help and bring freedom to men and women who were vulnerable or taking advantage of. Read about ways you can protect your children from being vulnerable and see what to look for when spotting human trafficking near you.

Check out this website and see where you can make a difference in your community: