Tip of the Week: Real Estate & Roofing

REMAX recently came out with a report of the Fastest Selling US Markets. The Cincinnati area hit the charts at #2…and if you know anything about real estate, you know that the West Chester/Liberty Township areas are a BIG reason for that. As the fastest growing market in Ohio, the West Chester/Liberty Township area has had phenomenal growth and there’s no signs of anything slowing down…not anytime soon, anyways. So, when an area dominates in Existing Home sales and New Home builds, you have a very unique situation…and folks who are in the real estate and Trades industries are extremely busy!

As the owner of Continental Roof Company, I made a decision several years ago to commit more time and effort building relationships with both real estate and insurance agents. As a former licensed adjuster, I had a little more insight than most of the other guys when it came to policy. I quickly made connections with insurance agents that were looking for someone local to help their clients navigate the claims process. In the process, I also helped those same clients avoid the pitfalls of unscrupulous contractors or malinformed adjusters.

As I began to work with real estate agents, word got around that Continental Roof Company treated the agents clients as if they were Continental’s…many times working pro bono or deferring payment for services until after closing. We were referred more and more and the word spread like wildfire. We are now honored to be the Go-To roofing contractor for dozens of local real estate agents.

As we developed and nurtured these relationships we began to hear the “closing” word more often. If you’re a Seller, you dread the day that the buyer’s “home Inspector” comes to check the house out. Many times there were issues with the roof that the inspector said needed to be fixed or advised that they get a qualified roofing professional to take a look. Many times, this dreaded report would cause a delay in closing…and if I know anything about real estate, I know this: One of the Worst Things is the Dreaded Closing Delay.

I’ve preached this to my real estate connections…Get your listing’s Roof Inspected prior to listing…or as soon as possible. If there are any issues with the roof, you’ll know abou it, handle it and avoid the delays in closing. If there are no issues with the roof, you now have a report from us stating as much!…best part…We do this FOR FREE!

So, whether you are a real estate agent or a homeowner contemplating the sale of your home..do yourselves a favor, have Continental Roof Company inspect your roof…what do you have to save?