Vinyl Siding is a terrific way to update the look of your home, which greatly increases your resale value. It can make an old house look like new. In addition, installing vinyl siding on your home helps reduce your home maintenance costs and protects your home from the weather elements.

Why do so many people choose vinyl for their home?

The color does not peel, blister or flake, so there is never the need to paint. Another advantage is that it does not contribute to termite infestation, rotting or moisture buildup.

Variform siding products are designed to be virtually maintenance-free and look great for years to come. Unlike wood-oriented strand board (OSB) or fiber cement, Variform vinyl siding never needs painting and is impervious to moisture. This means no painting, scraping or replacing boards – just a minimal amount of care will keep your home exterior looking new.

The Many Benefits Of Vinyl Siding

  • Very Durable and lasts a very long time
  • It is virtually maintenance free, never requires painting, sealing or caulking or upkeep besides cleaning
  • Siding colors resistant to UV fade and available in a wide variety
  • Not susceptible to rot or insect damage
  • Complete vinyl soffit and architectural trim elements are available to offer a cohesive and designer look