Tiny, Tiny Houses

TINY HOUSES are all the rage. It’s all about minimizing. Living a simpler life. You’ve heard the stories about people selling everything with hopes that life is simpler and allows them to be free.  Most tiny houses are one room with a loft area where owners tend to put their bed. Some people will have someone build their customized tiny house, others buy them made, and others build their own. There are many options in how you can customize your unique tiny house, from what color you want the exterior, to what kind outlets you want. You could design your entire tiny house on this website. The possibilities are endless and right at your fingertips. How would you design yours?

Just like any house, you need a durable, roof that meets your needs and, of course, aesthetics.

Below is a list of roof shape options for your tiny house.


–          Shed

–          Saltbox

–          Gambrel

–          Gable

–          Flat roof

–          Arch roof



Below is a list of different roofing options and their pros and cons. This isn’t, by any means, all of the options, just a few of the most popular choices.

–          Membrane roofing is made of PVC, TPO, or rubber. It is used on low slope or flat roof application, it has a fifteen-year life expectancy and while it is very light, it is one of the less attractive options.

–          Asphalt/fiberglass singles are the most cost effective. Depending on the warranty of the shingle, they can last anywhere from 20-50 years

–          Steel standing seam have an abundance of color choices. They have a warrantable lifespan of 35 years but many have lasted the lifetime of the structure. Many tiny house roof owners will collect rain water and this is a roof that is perfect for that.

–          Steel exposed fastener panels can be inexpensive with lots of color choices. They have a very high resistance to wind and will last up to 20 years.

–          Steel shingles are quite a bit costlier but like the other steel roofing samples, they are more likely to resist algae and mildew. They have many color and pattern options, whether you want a wood shake look or a slate look, this the top of the line when it comes to metal roof systems. This type of roof is also good for collecting rain water.