Aluminium Siding Pros and Cons


Aluminum siding hit the scene in the 1950s as a replacement for wood siding. It didn’t rot and it was advertised in a way that made you believe that once you had it on, you’d never have to do anything to your home again. They said, “You’ll never have to paint your house again”.  Aluminum siding hit the scene and has been a hot topic since. If I heard I’d never have to paint my house again and that this stuff would last me 40 years, I’m there.

Recently another roofing companies salesman came to my door. He told me our home still had the original siding and we should probably get the fixed. I had never thought about the siding on our home before so I started doing some research on aluminum siding and here’s the pros and cons that I found.


  • 25-40 year life expectancy
  • Insect proof which means it will save you a ton of money in the long run.
  • It’s a green choice, which means once you’re done with it you can recycle it.
  • It is great some areas of extreme heat or extreme cold because it doesn’t swell or rot. It is also great close to beaches because it isn’t affected by salt water. It also doesn’t attract mildew in most cases. Sometimes mildew can be detected on the surface but is very easy to clean off and get rid of.
  • Aluminum siding has very low maintenance. It is recommended to clean it once a year with a power washer and paint every 10 to 12 years. The painting isn’t necessary, but more for looks.
  • Aluminum insulates your home better than vinyl does.
  • It also won’t burn in the event of a housefire.


  • Can dent and be easily scratched, but it doesn’t rust like steel.
  • Over time, the siding can get a chalky feel to it and come off quickly.
  • It can be loud in storms as the water or hail hits the siding and causes a ping noise.

In my book the pros definitely out weigh the cons. Will aluminum siding be the next new thing on your home?