How Each City Celebrates the Fourth


Have you ever spent the fourth of July outside of Cincinnati and seen how other cities celebrate? I’ve spent some of my fourths in Cincinnati. Growing up in Columbus though, we use to go downtown to the roof of the building my dad worked in and watch the fireworks from there. It was one of the coolest things. One summer we were in Florida for the fourth and watched the fireworks from beach in Florida. That was probably one of my favorite fourth of July memories. Almost every city puts their unique spin on how they celebrate.

Washington D.C.:

There’s a big parade with floats, bands and military demonstrations. Afterwards you can attend a live concert and fireworks.


One of the oldest cities in country has one of the biggest fourth of July celebrations. The Boston Pops Orchestra plays while a big display of fireworks lights up the sky.


Go here if you’re interested in watching historical reenactments. Watch and you’ll even hear a reading of the declaration of Independence.

New York:

Head here for the biggest firework display in the states.

How do you celebrate the Fourth?