How to Clean up Toilet Paper


Another pass time for kids late at night is toilet papering. We all know what this is, right? Whether you’ve done it to someone or had it done to you, we’ve all seen it, been affected by it, or caused it.  The big question is, though, how do you clean it up? Here’s a couple quick and simple tips.

  • Don’t wait till everything outside gets wet. Remove the paper as soon as you can because if the paper gets wet it will stick to anything and everything and come off in tiny pieces. It will even stick to damp grass.
  • If paper is up high in trees find a rake, or another yard tool to pull it down. Finding the edges of the paper and pulling that helps the paper to come off in one piece rather than leaving tiny pieces here and there.
  • Use a leaf blower to remove smaller pieces from scrubs and grass.
  • You can recycle toilet paper, so place all paper in your recycling bin when cleaning up.

Safety Precautions:
– Stay away from any and all electrical lines. If a tree has grown around an electrical line then call your electrical company before you try to remove the toilet paper.
– If you are using a ladder to get pieces from high up on your roof or in trees, please take all the necessary safety precautions when on your ladder.

Fun Fact:
On a question and answer link someone suggest lighting the toilet paper on fire. This is extremely dangerous and could cause, grass, tree, shrub or even your house to catch on fire. As annoying and tiring as it is, we recommend just picking all the paper up rather than trying to light it on fire. Never thought I’d have to say that..