It’s the Perfect Time to Get Your Gutters Cleaned

Your gutter takes water from your roof and get’s it safely to the ground without any damage to your house. It’s an extremely important part of your roof. Keeping this part of your roof cleaned out is very necessary especially before the winter months. In the fall there is a lot of debris such as leaves and twigs that fall on your roof and when it rains all that falls into your gutter. This could cause your gutters to not drain water properly. Once the colder weather comes in the debris will freeze and as snow melts it will run over your gutter instead of down the downspout.

Right now is the perfect time to have a professional come and clean out your gutters. Having them cleaned out now will get your home ready for winter. Call Continental today and we will even throw in a FREE inspection before winter.

Leave it to the professionals but if you must do it yourself please take all the necessary safety precautions when using a ladder, and getting on and off your roof.