Why the Continental Roof Company?

Why I am Passionate about Giving Back

About 7 months ago I was on a public bus in Nepal on my way back from preaching at a church. I was sitting next to my friend Michelina and we were just talking to pass the time. Due to constant amounts of Nepal traffic, our trips were very long. On this trip, I had my back to the window and was facing Michelina. She was talking while casually staring out the window. I don’t even remember what we were talking about but I know it was a light hearted conversation with laughs here and there. When all the sudden, Michelina got stiff — she grabbed my arm — her face dropped. She looked shocked, then sadness filled her eyes and I could tell her heart was breaking. I turned around to focus on what she was staring at…

It was a family. The were huddled together on the side of the road under a tiny tarp, the only “roof” they had. There was a young child in front of them playing in piles of trash. He was covered in so much dirt and dust you couldn’t even tell what color his clothes were. He looked like he hadn’t bathed in months. Michelina sat silent the rest of the way home. She was shook to the core and quite frankly, so was I. That is just one, of the many moments of all the poverty I witnessed. I go back to moments like that often in my mind. While, I know I could never eliminate poverty, those moments fuel me on and inspire me. I want to always be helping, serving, and giving. Naturally, working for a company that is constantly giving back to the community is an incredible opportunity for me.

Why I Believe We are Different

Having worked at the Continental Roof Company for over a month now, I’m learning more and more about how this company works and what all we’re involved in. Researching other roofing companies in the Cincinnati area, I’ve seen a lot of the same claims… “We CAN fix your roof.” “We have the BEST rates for your roof replacements.” “We ARE the best roofing company.” A business can say a lot and promise a lot but what makes a company different?

I work in the office across from our Manager Carlos. Every person who comes into his office will hear these words, “You already know WHAT we do by our name but let me tell you a little bit about WHO we are.” Then he begins to explain all the ways we are more then just a roofing company including all the ways we are involved in our community.

We are members of the West Chester-Liberty Chamber AllianceAnderson Township Chamber AllianceHome Builders AssociationGreater Cincinnati-Northern, and the Kentucky Apartment Association (GCNKAA). We are apart of 6 Different BNI groups, and have active members in various churches in the area.

Carlos serves on the board of the Dragonfly Foundation, which was founded in order to help families who have children that have been diagnosed with cancer or blood borne diseases.

We partner with Origins Church, the Butler County Board of Development Disabilities and the Clermont Board of Development Disabilities to provide home improvements to those in need, we call this Project Parasol. We have helped men and women who are disabled, foster families, and single parents. Here is the video from our most recent Project Parasol. We were able to give a new roof to a mother and daughter completely paid for. She would have had to move out of her house had we not replaced the damaged roof.

We sponsor Lakota East & West Sports, over 40 men’s softball leagues, and men’s softball teams.

One of the other two organizations we support is, Cru. Which is an organization committed to proclaiming the gospel through campus ministry, churches, organizations, marriage and family outreach, and the Jesus film. They disciple men and women who enter into a relationship with Jesus to grow in their faith and then proclaim the same message. Cru is spread out all over the world. The second is the Aubrey Rose foundation. This foundation supports, both emotionally and financially, families who have a child who is suffering from a life threatening illness. Just a couple weeks ago Carlos rappelled off a building in downtown Cincinnati as part of a fundraiser to raise money for this organization. He has also gone to Peru and Ethiopia on mission trips. The Continental Roof Company has supported other mission trips – including mine!

We’re more than just a roofing company. We’re involved in our community. We give back. And I believe that is what makes us different from all the other roofing companies here in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. And to top it off (just like a roof), you, our customers, are just as important. Because you are mothers, daughters, fathers and sons just like us – a community.