Hanging Christmas Lights


It’s officially after Thanksgiving which means all of us early Christmas celebrators can finally talk about Christmas without being scolded. Right now, is the perfect time to get those lights up. It’s after thanksgiving and it’s only going to get colder the longer you wait. If you’re putting up Christmas lights this year then you should definitely keep reading.

What You Need
First, you are going to want lights and extension cords that are made for outside weather. You might also want a timer that will turn the lights on and off automatically without you having to go outside into the cold to turn them on and off every night. It’s not necessary but it is very helpful.

Check First
Before you starting putting your lights up, you are going to want to untangle everything and plug the lights in to make sure each bulb works. Replace any that are not working. When you buy a strand of lights it comes with replacements, so if one light is out you won’t have to replace the whole strand.

If you have to use a ladder to put your lights up take the necessary safety precautions. You want to place the bottom of the ladder firmly on flat ground. You don’t want it to move around when you’re on it. The top of the ladder should extend above the eaves of your roof. Once your ladder is secure you can start climbing and putting your lights up.

Don’t Puncture a Shingle
Putting your lights up is the best part but you want to make sure you aren’t puncturing your shingles. Even a small hole could cause a leak. When attaching your lights to your roof use a clip. If you try to use a nail, tack, or staple you will puncture the shingle and potentially break the seal on the shingle which could cause a leak. In the same way, when you take the lights off your roof be careful to not yank on a clip and break the seal of a shingle.



How to Hang Christmas Lights