Insulating Windows


If your house is always cold and you feel like you’ve turned up your thermostat as high as it can go without breaking the bank, then this blog might be for you. 10-15% of the heat of your home escapes through your windows. So here are a couple ways to keep the heat in and the cold out.

First, you could get a draft snake. It’s a form of fabric filled with rice that fits right on the window sill and blocks out the cold air. This won’t keep all cold air out but will definitely make a difference. Make sure the draft snake fits all the way across the window, to ensure no more cold air is entering.

Another option is a plastic film. You place it over the window and use a hairdryer to melt the film onto the window. It’s super easy to take off and will protect your window all winter. Once you’re ready to open your windows, simply peel it off and use them. With these, you will have to purchase news ones each winter.

Fixing it could be as easy as just getting curtains or shades. These could help block the cold out and let the sun in. Sometimes being able to let the sunlight in could make a room warm enough to not feel the cold.

If you’re still having major issues with keeping your rooms warm enough you might want to have them inspected. They could’ve been installed bad or there is a large crack in the caulking. If this is the case having your windows re-caulked or replaced would be the best option to keep your room at a good temperature during the winter.