JUST a Roof.

Hello, my name is Emily. I’m new to the Continental Roof family. And let me just be honest, I didn’t join the Continental Roof Company because I know a lot about roofs. I actually know nothing about roofs. Absolutely nothing. Wait, don’t click away just yet.. I know this is supposed to be a blog about roofing and I’m getting there…

Let me share a little bit about myself. I just returned from a nine-month mission trip that took me around the world — literally. On this trip I experienced five different countries, five different cultures, and MANY different living conditions.

You know what the most important thing was in each living condition? Yep, you guessed it, a roof. For almost two months in the Philippines, I was sleeping outside in a hammock. It was great, but let me tell ya, when it rained, it was miserable. You were woken up by water drops on your face. You then had to unzip your mosquito net, unhook your hammock, and RUN for a tiny shelter. We had a little room that we kept our food in and we would all stand here until the rain stopped. So you’d stand, in the one place on the whole property that had a roof, half awake, waiting for the rain to pass. Then once it passed, you’d walk through all the wet high grass back to your chains, re-hook your hammock, lay down, zip up your mosquito net and finally go to sleep.

I experienced for a short time what it is like to live without a roof and how difficult it can make everyday life. Many people don’t have shelter to hide under when it is raining. In Nepal, people would have one strip of cardboard for a roof or some pieces of scrap metal or a tarp full of holes, anything they could find for a roof. It was one of the hardest things, to meet these people and know that unless a miracle happened they would never really know what it was like to enjoy the safety, security and comfort of a durable shelter or home with a roof.

While I was in Costa Rica, we were introduced to a family whose home didn’t have a roof. We were asked if we wanted to be apart of helping Xinia and her son Jose tear down and rebuild the house to include a roof. We whole heartily agreed and it was crazy hard work.

Xinia had a dad who was in his late seventies, early eighty’s. That man inspired me. He was on the ladder, on the roof, breaking things with his bare hands. He wore a shirt one day that said, “like a boss”. He had no idea what it said but it fit him perfectly. My team of five grew so close to this family. Xinia was like a fun aunt, Jose was like a brother, and Don Salvador was our abuelo. We got to watch a family become so thankful just because their one room house now had a working roof.

Do you know what one of things they were most proud of? It wasn’t a nice car in the driveway, the size of their house or the things they had in it. It was their banana tree they had just planted in the back yard. It was a tiny tree. But with everything we did, everywhere we went, they would tell us about this banana tree, making sure we didn’t step on it. Every minute we spent with them was humbling and they taught us so much in 4 short weeks.

Coming home, I wanted to be apart of something that was making a difference not only here in Cincinnati but all over the world. While I was gone, I saw posts from the Continental Roof Company about mission trips, community work, Dragonfly foundation, and Project Parasol. This sounded like something I knew I wanted to be apart of. Not only are they helping the community by serving and giving but they’re also providing good quality roofs. And that was one thing that I had definitely taken for granted and have come to really appreciate.

So here’s what I’m doing to help. I’m writing blogs. About roofs, yes because I’ve got a lot to learn…but also about life things and how my relationship with Jesus is transforming many things in my life.

Okay, so here’s where you come in! I want to hear what you want to know! Message us your questions on Facebook or email me (ereutener@mycincyroofer.com). Share this blog with a friend who needs help with anything related to roofing. Can we do this together? Let’s learn, grow and have some fun while we do it!