Ladder Safety Precautions


Of course, you should start by reading by the safety precautions on your ladder. They could be different depending on what ladder you have. There are some basic safety precautions that are for the most part common with every ladder but be sure to read specifically about your ladder.

  • An important safety precaution on your ladder is the “3-point contact rule”. Always have three limbs touching your ladder. Two legs and an arm, two arms and a leg, whatever the combination, just make sure there are three points of contact.
  • Avoid sudden movement as this will cause the ladder to become unbalanced. Do not stretch to reach objects this could cause your ladder to fall.
  • Once someone is on the ladder do not try to move the ladder.
  • Make sure before you get on the ladder that it is placed on a sturdy piece of land, whether that is solid soil or cement. Do not put your ladder in mud or anything of that substance, it will cause the ladder to slip and fall.
  • The top shelf of your ladder is only for placing small objects. Getting on the top shelf of your ladder could cause the ladder to be unsteady. You also will not have three points of contact which is dangerous.
  • Make sure you inspect your ladder if you haven’t used it in a while. Giving it a good look over before using it could save you from very serious injuries.
  • If your ladder has extensions make sure the extension locks are engaged before you try going up the ladder.
  • avoid any and all electrical equipment with your ladder.

These are some basic safety precautions to take when using your ladder, but you should always read your ladder safety manual before using it. Each ladder is different.