How a Lighting Strike Can Affect Your Roof


Lighting strikes the highest point in an area. Is that your roof? Have you ever considered lighting rods? Check out our last blog here to read about high risk houses and how to avoid lighting strikes. Today we’re talking about the aftermath of a lighting strike. What happens when lighting strikes your roof?

Well, this.

The lighting could cause a power surge. This could fry anything that is plugged into an outlet. Once we had lighting strike the tree next to our house and it fried our computer and something we had plugged into the TV. The power surge from the lighting strike fried these electronics. It is advised that during large thunderstorms you try to unplug expensive electronics. You are also advised not to shower or leave water running. You could also shock yourself through the water as the electronic surge pulses through your home to the ground.

Another symptom of a lighting strike is a fire. The surge of electricity could cause a spark which could easily lead to a fire spreading throughout your home. Sometimes when lighting strikes, the heat of it causes the insulation to catch fire in your attic. If you see smoke or smell something burning, call 911 and exit your home immediately.

If lighting strikes your roof you are going to want a roofer to come out immediately and get the holes in your roof covered with a tarp and begin the repair process. In situations like this you’re going to want a roofing company that has same day service. Lucky for you, we have same day service.

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