How to Get Rid of Moss


Is moss a problem for your roof? Do you keep removing it in vain? I might have a trick for you that could totally cut out the hassle of cleaning moss from your roof.

First off, lets talk about moss. It’s terrible for your roof. When it rains and a particular part of your roof never see’s the sun it’s easy for moss to build. Moss can cause lots of issues. Due to the fact that it traps moisture, it doesn’t allow the roof to ever really try. This could cause water damage to your shingles. It will also take years off the life of your roof because the moss will cause the shingles to deteriorate.


The solution is actually a lot easier than you’d think. If you add zinc or cooper where the flashing is on your roof, when it rains, the particles from the zinc or copper will run down the roof and kill and/or prevent the moss from spreading or growing.