Patio Roofing Options


Patio Roofing Options

We’re getting close to fall! Which means pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pies, carving pumpkins, and falling leaves. Fall is my favorite season for many reasons. One is for sure because the leaves changing and falling is beautiful. Two because it is a wonderful time to be outside. No humidity and it’s just cold enough for shorts and sweatshirts. This season is even more enjoyable because of our sunroom. It’s shaded but full of light and all the screen doors allow for the wind to blow through leaving it the perfect temperature. Most everyone enjoys the temperature and being able to entertain guests. Having an outdoor patio or room allows you to take in even more of this beautiful weather.

There are many options for creating an outdoor space, but here are a couple options.

The most popular is a trellis patio or a pergola. This would be for areas where the climate isn’t brutally hot. Wood is placed in a lattice style to create a covering. It isn’t total protection or covering but it does make for a room type space in an outdoor area.

Canvas sails are an option for total coverage. This would be good in an area where there is high heat and lots of sun. Canvas sails are attached to pools in the ground or the side of your house and pulled taut to create a covering that blocks out 97% UV rays. You can choose to leave this up all year around or only for some of the year.

A vinyl patio cover is lightweight and requires very little maintenance. Manufactures are starting to make this material with more and more recycled materials. Making this vinyl patio covering an eco-friendly choice.

If your finances allow it, extending your roof out to create an open, covered area is another option. A roof with no walls, creating an option patio feeling. This is high cost but it looks good and you would be able to area lighting and even fans. If your finances are tight there is always the option of adding a large deciduous tree or big colorful umbrella. The option are truly endless.