Roofing in the Winter

It’s getting a little chilly but at what point is it too cold to have your roof replaced? There are two important factors when considering replacing your roof during the cold months. One is the crew and the other is the adhesive seal asphalt shingles have.


However cold it is on the ground it’s even colder on your roof. It is important that the crew stays warm to be able to do their job right. If their hands are freezing they aren’t going to be able to do the work well. Because they do most of the job with their hands, using gloves is out of the question. Unless, the gloves they use are very thin. When they are going up onto a roof they aren’t going to want to carry a bunch of extra weight from the layers they are wearing.  If it is freezing outside and it has snowed or rained recently the roof is going to be slippery, which also don’t set the crew up for success is replacing your roof.


Asphalt shingles have a adhesive seal that seals the shingles together. It keeps the shingles down in strong wind storms and also keeps water out. The only way for this adhesive seal to become active the temperature must be warm enough. There are many different theories on what temperature that is. It also depends on what type of material you are using. It is extremely important that this seal is active before the winter storms set in. You could have leaks in your home or lose shingles in wind storms. Check with your roofer to make sure the temperatures are going to be warm enough for the sealant to form the seal before having your roof redone.