Standing Seam Metal Roofs


Ever heard of a Standing Seam Metal Roof? Me either. Till this week. I did some research on them and this is what I found..

Standing Seam Metal Roof is a roof that has a seam above the water line. Due to the fact that there are no horizontal lines, only vertical, it is a GREAT roofing option for keeping moisture out. The metal also won’t absorb moisture like some of the other roofing options. They’re also going to last longer. Asphalt shingles are known for the granules running into the gutters, but your metal roof won’t get worn out like that. They even have a lifetime of 30-50 years!

If you live in areas that have a lot of snow and ice, metal roofs are awesome for getting snow and ice off your roof. They absorb the heat from the sun and help the snow and ice off. even as the seasons change, metal roof wont crack, rust or rot. They tend to be more expensive then asphalt shingles, but less then slate or copper. You have to realize, investing in a metal roof also means your investing in a material that is going to last longer then asphalt shingles.

The roofers that can install these are few and far between. Good news is, we install standing seam metal roofs!

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