What is Flashing?


Flashing keeps water from leaking into small spaces on your roof, like in between your shingles, pipes, chimney, and skylights. It is waterproof and goes over cracks and gaps in your roof to keep water out.

There’s also different names for the flashing based on where the flashing is.

  • Valley Flashing – lays between the area where two roofs meet to keep water out of the valley of your roof.
  • Vent Pipe Flashing – flashing that goes over pipes on your roof.
  • Step Flashing – steps up to the sidewalls, chimneys, and skylights to protect where the shingle stops and wall begins.
  • Continuous Flashing – goes in between a vertical wall and a sloped roof.
  • Saddle flashing – covers beams or railings that are sticking up or out of your roof.