What’s a Roof Tune-up


We told you if you get a tune-up we will give you 10% off any repairs needed. But what is roof tune-up? That’s a great question. Before I started working here, if you would’ve said that to me, I would have stared blankly at you until you explained. You, as a customer, should know what it is too.

A roof tune-up is basically a roof inspection. Someone will get up on your roof and check to make sure your roof is in tip top shape. If anything doesn’t meet this standard they will put together an estimate for repairs. Having small repairs done could add years to the life of your roof. Small damages are easy and cheaper to fix than small damages that turned into big damages.

What are we looking for?


Obviously, your shingles are a huge part of your roof and keeping them in the very best condition is priority. Strong winds and general wear and tear over time can cause damage to your shingles. If there are strong winds in your area there is a chance the seal on the shingles will break and the shingle could buckle and after a while, fall off. A simple roof tune-up will catch the early stages of the shingles starting to fall off and prevent further damage.

Rain Caps:

Around the bottom of a rain cap is a pipe boot. As time goes by this can be worn down by heavy rain, sun, and the wind. Checking the pipe boot is important because it is the leading cause in roof leaks.

Exposed nails:

This is a tell tale sign your roof needs a tune up. An exposed nail means the sealant on your roof is giving. Nails should not be visible as they should be covered by sealant. When checking your roof, the inspector should check to make sure there are no exposed nails. An exposed nail will rust over time and could cause leaks in your roof.

These are a couple of the things your roof contractor will look for when they are inspecting your roof for a tune-up. If you call right now, you can get 10% off all repairs during a Tune-up.