When Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

Your home is important to you and your roof is probably one of the most important parts of your house. Right? You’ve probably heard, actually, you’ve probably said, “at least you have a roof over your head” in some type of context. Whether it was a realization of how lucky you are or to an unappreciative child, I’m sure that phrase has come out of all our mouths at one time or another.

We rely on our roofs for many things — to protect us from weather, provide shade, to allow us to cool down or warm up our homes. When it comes down to it, your roof protects you and your family. That should be reason enough to keep your roof in the best condition.

My dad is the head of our household. He serves our family and makes decisions all the time looking out for our best interest. He works hard and continues to work hard so that we have a roof over our heads and food on the table. He even drove a 1998 Chrysler minivan up until two years ago (although, I think he really ‘loved’ that van). I know that man would do anything to protect us.

And if you have a family, I’m sure you feel the same and can relate. This blog is inspired out of a desire to protect. Here are some things to watch out for in order to maintain your roof and keep it in the best condition.


First, if your shingles are cracking, peeling, curling or buckling, they need to be replaced. When shingles do this, it throws off the way the water is running off your roof. This could cause leaks. It is the same with missing shingles. If you see a few missing shingles, in some cases, roofers can just replace them without you needing a whole new roof. The amount of damage, age and condition of the shingles will determine that.


As shingles get older granules will begin to fall off. If you look in the gutters, you will see these granules when your shingles are getting old. The older your shingles are, the more granules will come off. Once you start seeing a lot of granules, it’s time to replace your roof. Hail and high winds can speed up that process and, in many cases may void your shingles manufacturer’s warranty.


The age of your roof is also a tell-tale sign of whether you should replace, repair or get your roof inspected. If your roof is in between the ages of twenty or thirty it is time to get your roof inspected and possibly replaced. If your roof is under 10 years old and some damage has occurred, you may only need to repair the shingle(s) and/or flashing.

 Storm damage

After strong winds or severe storms move through your area, it is always good to have your roof checked by a qualified roofing company. You can walk around your house and look for missing and/or damaged shingles. Also check your yard for shingles. If you find some in your yard, there is a good chance they are yours. If they are a different color or style, they came from your neighbor’s roof! Hail damage and some wind damage cannot be seen from the ground. These must be inspected from the roof top. With your insurance, you could get repairs or an entire new roof, for as little as your deductible! Most companies offer free inspections too, so getting a roof inspected isn’t a huge hassle for you. Make sure the company you use is local, qualified and well-reviewed!


I saved the most important for last.. An easy way to see if you have any leaks in your roof is to go up into your attic (assuming you can do so safely) when the sun is out. Look and see if there are any sun rays coming in through the roof. If the sun is coming through areas of the roof that are not part of the peak venting system, there could be leaks in your roof. You want to get these fixed as soon as you see them. The longer you wait, the more water could build up in your attic and insulation. If left long enough, it could leak through your interior ceilings or cause water spots. The water could also cause sagging in roof support beams and could eventually cause the roof to collapse. These are very costly repairs that can be avoided! It’s as equally important to know that, just because you don’t have leaks, it doesn’t mean damage hasn’t occurred. Have a qualified roofer inspect your roof after any major storm event.

Here at the Continental Roof Company, we know family is important. Each of us are a part of one. We want your roof in the very best condition so that you can protect and care for your family in the best way possible.