How Do the Winter Weather Conditions Impact your Roof?


One important thing you should do before it starts snowing is have your roof inspected. There may be small damages that can be easily fixed, but if you wait you may see those small damages turn into big ones. These are a few of the things you can avoid by having your roof inspected before the ice and snow come.

Your gutters and downspouts need to be cleaned. If they are clogged the water will have nowhere to go. This causes large icicles to hang off your gutters. In some cases, those will get so heavy that they will actually pull away from roof and fall off. Sometimes the snow starts to melt and begins filing your gutters and downspouts and then it gets cold again and freezes. This could also cause icicles to hang off your gutters. Just keep an eye to make sure the weight of the icicles isn’t pulling down your gutters.

If you have a tiny hole in your roof where water can get into your attic, this will only get bigger during the winter. If the water freezes in the hole, it will expand in the hole and the hole will get bigger. A bigger hole means more water can get in and that means more damage.

Avoiding large issues can be easy, you just have to get ahead of the game. Have your roof inspected before the first major snowfall. Fill out this form for your inspection and we will call you!